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Security and Backups

We focus on security for your peace of mind

Your applications are hosted in Montreal, Canada by iWeb.

Each night we take a backup of all of your data. Copies of all databases are stored loaclly, but also backed up to a remote server. In addition, our systems all have fully mirrored disk arrays. Should disaster strike a disk, its mirror will continue as if nothing had happened. If you wish, we can even provide you with the means to create and download backups of your data whenever you wish. Your data and your backups are always secure and in your control.

If you have a fire or flood, no problem. If iWeb is ever destroyed - unlikely as they host two of the big 5 banks, you have your data and we can have you up and running again fast, using your backup.

For really critical up-time applications, it is possible to rent a back-up server from iWeb, charges vary according to your requirements and costs range from $199 per month.

Your applications are standard open-source applications, they can be downloaded anytime and adding your data is all the customization that is required.