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Regarding Outlook Plugins

Microsoft Outlook is certainly one of the most popular email, contact organizer, and calendaring applications in the industry. We at Salmar recognize its popularity and its importance where it is established in the enterprise.

The companies behind the Zimbra Collaboration Suite and vtiger CRM also recognize this and therefore produce a plugin to synchronize information with Outlook. vtiger CRM offers a free Outlook plugin for download. You can also get a commercial add-on plugin for a small cost. The same is true of Zimbra where a free Outlook plugin is available for customers of the Zimbra Enterprise edition service. The plugins work and work well.

However . . . nothing in the Windows world is ever that simple. There are countless issue associated with different releases of Windows, different releases of Outlook, competing plugins (e.g. Plaxo, desktop search, etc), and even different patch levels. Then there are the issues of viruses, spyware, adware, and so on. We've seen Outlook plugins work on 90% of PCs in an organization and fail on the remaining 10%. We've had customers who had no issue with Windows XP, but upon upgrading to Windows Vista, no longer had functional plugins. Trying to determine why Outlook is behaving on 90 PCs but failing on another 10 can be daunting to say the least.

For these reasons, Salmar does not offer direct support for Microsoft Outlook plugins. We provide links and/or downloads for the plugins, but you use them at your own risk. If you encounter issues related to the plugins, you may consult the community forums or the developer of said plugin. You can also check the Microsoft Knowledge Base to see if the issue you are encountering is a common one.

If you wish, Salmar will follow up and help you determine the issues related to the plugin, but this will be done and charged on an hourly, time and materials basis. Where we do have answers to common problems with the plugins, we will make them available in the support pages of this site.