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Hosting and Email

Shared Hosting and Email

Anyone can offer you basic hosting with a simple email address. We offer more. A lot more. ALL Salmar enterprise hosting pachages include access to the amazing VMWare Zimbra collaboration system, a fully integrated email, shareable calendar, document, task, and contact management system. This isn't your run of the mill email solution, but a world-class enterprise collaboration suite that includes :

  • Personalized email with unlimited aliases
  • Powerful contact management system and addressbook
  • Shared calendars and To-do lists
  • Protection from UCE (spam) and protection from viruses
  • State of the art Web client, including offline PC client
  • Support for mobile devices, including smartphones

Dedicated Fully-Managed VPS Hosting

Some sites really need to operate in their own environment. Standard hosting and email packages run on a shared host. What this means is that your Website shares space with a number of other Websites. This is a great, cost effective way to run a Website, but some sites should be isolated. Some sites whether they be political parties, non-profit organizations, or those that provide opinionated news content, can act as a lightning rod for those who might disagree with the content. 

Sites of this type are isolated on their own server with their own IP address. Security issues receive special priority and the single server solution means we are better able to figure out what is happening and where. To help even further, dedicated VPS sites are all enrolled in the CloudFlare program which provides advanced front end protection as well as worldwide content delivery network support (CDN). A CDN means that content is cached for faster delivery and served up through dozens of location around the world. If your site is in the U.S. and your visitor is in Germany, a German server will be used. The distributed system also means you can better survice a storm should someone target your site. 

Add to that your choice of content management system, whether it be Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, (or your own classic site) topped off with a powerful control panel, on-demand backups, online reports, and some of the most knowledgeable support in the business, and you've got Salmar hosting.